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Teaching Maths in South Wales?

If you’d like to liven up your school’s teaching of maths & numeracy we have the very thing! Our production for years 1 to 6 – ‘Mummy Mia’ will put all mathematical points across with humour, interaction and most importantly fun. The show is suitable for both mainstream and special schools. Here is a recent comments on the show: –

What a fantastic performance of ‘Mummy Mia’ yesterday (18.4.13) at The Court School. The highest accolade that I could offer is the fact that you totally engaged 35 children with severe social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, half of whom have ADHD diagnosis, for over an hour. They were transfixed by quality performances in an interactive presentation that encompassed a number of curricular areas. My staff (not the easiest to please!) were all highly complimentary of the best performance seen at The Court School in my eight years as Headmaster. Many thanks and best wishes for continued success with your South Wales tour.

Touring in beautiful South Wales at the moment and heading for Norfolk and Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire later in the summer term.

For summer 2013 — Let’s Eat Grandma!


Oh no! Is someone about to eat our lovely grandma?! Or is she just inviting us to lunch? Punctuation has never been so intriguing and so much fun. “Let’s eat grandma!”, or indeed “Let’s eat, Grandma ” brings famous characters, well-loved stories, fables and poetry into your school, with the central theme of playing around with punctuation.

Hold your breath… will Amy in year 3 selects the correct punctuation mark to help our modern-day Red Riding Hood character to complete her important journey? or Will William in year 1 know when to pick a capital letter? and is Saleem from year 6 brave enough to differentiate the colon from the semi-colon?

This already delicious play is made even more tasty because the big guys at Penguin Books have given us the rights, as our show is so top-notch,  to make wonderful use of the marvellous poetic works of none other than Mr. Roald Dahl and his “Revolting Rhymes”  which will feature throughout this scrumptious show.

All in all,  Let’s Eat Grandma is a refreshing,  new approach to teaching punctuation and for focusing on childrens’ poetry. Available throughout summer term 2013.

A teachers’ pack is included which is downloaded as an eBook. Each eBook contains information for teachers and pupils, questionnaires, quizzes, word games, suggested activities and much more.