Lady Cecily’s Sound Box

Lady Cecily’s Sound Box

SCIENCE show on the topic of SOUND AND WAVES.

When Lady Cecily dies, her favourite granddaughter Emily inherits a box of curious gadgets. Might they be of interest to Thomas Edison or Marconi? They are certainly of interest to Emily’s scheming sister Elizabeth.  The tale explores the principles of sound technology and involves mistaken identities and murderous shenanigans, with all the fun and gusto of the Victorian Music Hall!


  • Available for KS1 or KS2
  • After-show Q and A session with the actors
  • Complete with teachers’ pack including suggestions for follow-up classroom activities


“Fab—as usual! Thank you! Love the jokes that keep the staff involved too, plus the interaction between the actors, pupils and staff”.
—Carly Lauder, Mayfield Middle School

“Lady Cecily’s Soundbox was very funny, entertaining and informative for both adults and children. Good setting and costumes and the actors answered the childrens’ questions well. A fun afternoon had by all!”
—Kalie Steward, Harwich Community Primary School, Essex

“An excellent show enjoyed by our mix of upper KS1 and KS2 children. Many thanks to the performers for engaging with the children in both an academic and fun way”.
—Mr. Lou Armour, Crossflats Primary School, West Yorkshire


Please call 0161 236 1448 for more information or booking.


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