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Educational theatre, workshops & pantos to come into your school

img_20161108_185947Educational theatre is a magical way to engage children and encourage their natural desire to learn. Great value for money and no fuss!

We have SCIENCE shows, HISTORY plays, CLASSIC LITERATURE productions, MATHS interactive performances and workshops. Plus MUSICALS in which your pupils perform.

We provide a brilliant introduction to SHAKESPEARE workshop for years 5/6/7 and of course great quality PANTOMIMES every Christmas.

“Bringing a story to life is the best way to encourage our children to read”

School theatre

Theatre in school provides an enriching experience for children

Shows on offer 2021

The Reluctant Dragon

Kenneth Grahame’s much loved classic is given the ‘Image Musical Theatre’ treatment. A dragon is discovered living in the hills and befriended by a young boy, but aren’t dragons meant to be fierce fire-breathing beasts? The townsfolk learn of the dragon and panic asking a knight to go and defeat the dragon. However don’t be fooled by appearances, this dragon is a kind, poetry and book loving dragon but can he be saved and accepted by the townsfolk?

With fantastic original music and an amazing set, the show requires the help of everyone watching. During the preceding fun half-hour rehearsal workshop some children are chosen and rehearsed into their parts while the rest of the audience are taught the chorus songs. After a short pause the actors and children are costumed and the show, lasting 1 hour, runs seamlessly with everyone taking part as rehearsed.

Availability: Autumn term, visiting production, £395 + VAT. Booking: 0161 236 1448

The Light Fantastic


Where has all the colour gone?! The problem is literally black and white: something or someone is stealing the colours of the world! The sky is white, trees are black and the rivers a murky grey. Lost on the banks of the Ohio, Country & Western singer Roy Gee stumbles upon the Light Fantastic café – the last remaining place to have any colour. In a desperate bid to save the precious colours, he and café owner, Dolly, set to work. Using trays for mirrors, ice-cubes for prisms and saucers for lenses, they gradually unfold a major inter-planetary crisis! Only our own solar system can shed light on the problem. But is the café all it seems? Will the country roads take him home and will Dolly stand by her man? Find out more when you trip The Light Fantastic.

A futuristic mystery from a cowboy’s point-of-view…


  • Light, reflection, mirrors, colours and planets
  • The children are shown the difference between coloured light and white light and that white light consists of the colours of the rainbow
  • Reflection is shown using mirrors with applications to the periscope and moonlight
  • Darkness is shown to be the absence of light (reference: shadows) and that for us to see, light must enter the eye
  • The solar system is introduced
  • We show an optical illusion demonstrates the fun to be had with light


  • As KS1 but in greater detail
  • Light is shown to travel in straight lines. Colour-splitting (reflection from a CD) and the rainbow
  • How we see coloured objects
  • The order & names of the planets

  • One hour video to watch in 1/2/3 lessons
  • PowerPoint presentation for the pupils explaining the science
  • 10 classroom/home activities
  • Teacher’s notes giving further in-depth science knowledge
  • Clear outcomes with assessment material to check child’s progress
  • Easy instructions for use on Zoom/Teams etc. for remote learners
  • Support

Availability: Summer term, virtual, £125 + VAT. Booking: 0161 236 1448

Theatre Workshop

Visiting actor or live-stream history workshops for KS1 & KS2. Using historical characters in costume, the actor will encourage your pupils to take part in this fully interactive workshop.

Imagine your pupils hunting for mammoth, kissing the toe of a Pharaoh or being sold at a Roman slave auction!

Choose from Super Stone Age, Entertaining Egyptians, The Amazing Greeks, Resourceful Romans,  Sensational Saxons & The Vikings, The Troublesome Tudors, The Elegant Victorians, Calamity Climate Change and Brave Britain at War.

  • Encourages creative writing
  • Free teacher’s resource notes
  • Designed for inspiring a class at a time
  • Duration a morning or afternoon session

Availability: Summer/autumn terms, visiting production or live-stream.  £195 to 245 + VAT. Booking: 0161 236 1448

Calamity Climate Change

Brand new play for KS1 & KS2

Annie is the lighthouse keeper and has been warned of a terrible storm. She battens down the hatches and is shocked to see what has been left on the beach.

Environment, weather, the sea and geography are all covered in this captivating and funny eco-friendly play.

Availability: Visiting production, autumn term, £395 + VAT. Booking: 0161 228 3171

The Clockmaker’s Christmas


The heart-warming tale of the clockmaker who has forgotten to make time for Christmas. Our most festive, feel-good, funniest Christmas extravaganza. Full of laughter, snow, elves, songs, surprises and lots of joyful joining in.

The clockmaker has too much work to do. He is disgruntled with Christmas, all he thinks about is winding clocks and keeping time, but then a naughty elf appears… Watch this magical performance, see the mischief and take part in the fun.

The perfect Christmas treat!

  • This unique one hour performance presented in your school hall will have the audience smiling and enthralled
  • High quality performance, music, costumes, scenery and lights
  • A highly interactive play for KS1 & KS2
  • Children participate during the performance

Availability: Autumn term, visiting production, £395 + VAT. Booking: 0161 228 3171

School theatre performances


  • Productions devised for KS1 & KS2 children
  • Excellent quality performances
  • Well established theatre companies
  • Equity actors, CRBs and Safeguarding Awareness
  • Full professional theatre sets
  • Excellent value for money


Shows range from £195 to £395 + VAT. Special offers are often available with as much as £100 discount—if you follow us by email (see side-bar right), we’ll send you up-to-date notices of the latest offers.


We have productions available throughout the school year: spring, summer & autumn terms in all UK areas. Please call to discuss your requirements, or click here to email us and we’ll be happy to find the right show for you.

TEL: 0161 236 1448

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