Applied Theatre Projects; PSHE/Safeguarding

Narrative Alchemy Theatre Co.

Narrative Alchemy is one of the leading Applied Theatre & Film production companies in the UK. Our primary focus is on creating positive change through the art of storytelling.

PSHE/Safeguarding Projects:

Unacceptable (sexism/ sexual harassment)

Raising awareness around sexism & sexist behaviours. Unacceptable is a fantastic applied theatre project, aimed at raising awareness, kick-starting conversations and promoting cultural change around sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

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Invictus (mental health)

Stories of resilience, overcoming adversity & mental health. First developed before lockdown to raise awareness of different forms of childhood adversity and inspire hope.

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Chelsea’s Story (CSE/grooming)

‘Chelsea’s Story’ is our internationally renowned Applied Theatre Production that has proven highly successful in raising awareness around the issues surrounding Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). The play, which has now been seen by thousands of professionals and over 1 million young people throughout the UK, is followed by an actor facilitated post-show talk exploring the…

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Crashing (CSE/ boys & young men)

‘Crashing‘ tells the story of 15 year old Eddie who, whilst going through hard times met Michael. Michael was kind, good fun and offered Eddie the chance to stay at a flat above his shop whenever things at home were a bit rough, but unfortunately Michael had another agenda.

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County Lines (CCE/ drug trafficking)

Meet Dex. He’s a nice guy. He’ll offer you money. He’ll offer you drugs. He’ll be generous. He’ll make you feel important. He’ll make you feel part of something. He’ll make your life exciting. He’ll do whatever it takes to get you working for him and his mates… and when you do…

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Breaking the Chain (knife crime / youth violence)

‘Breaking the Chain’ is a hard-hitting applied theatre production that aims to raise awareness, kick-start conversations and build resilience around youth violence – with a focus on knife crime – as part of a public health approach to tackling the issue – an issue that is seeing young people seriously hurt and, all too often,…

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