Unacceptable (sexism/ sexual harassment)

Raising Awareness around Sexism & Sexist Behaviours

Unacceptable is a fantastic applied theatre project, developed by Narrative Alchemy (the team behind ‘Chelsea’s Story’, ‘County Lines’, and ‘Breaking the Chain’), aimed at raising awareness, kick-starting conversations and promoting cultural change around sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence are, unfortunately, an issue for every school in every community in the UK. In order to combat these issues, we need to understand and raise awareness of what they are, what creates them and what can be done to expose and respond to the harmful attitudes that perpetuate harassment and gender injustice.

Friends Oli and Kalyn confront their friend Adam, who has been saying and posting some worrying things lately. They have decided to stage an intervention and are going to explain to Adam what sexism is, the differing forms that it can take and the impact that comments and actions can have.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The performance was incredibly thought-provoking.


Project Information

Running Time 50 minutes
Get In 1 hr
Get Out 30 mins
Cast Size 3
Performance Space 4m x 4m
Staging Ground Level – End On

We can perform the play for intimate audiences or to entire year groups at a time. All we need is a performance space roughly 4m x 4m and somewhere to plug in our sound system. The cast do not use mics so performance venues must be suitable for unamplified voices. The cast aim to arrive one hour before the show start time to set up and take about 30 minutes to pack down.

Target Audience

  • Young People (year 7+)
  • FE colleges
  • Parents, carers, teachers & professionals working with young people

The project uses simple story-telling and narrative theory techniques to cover:-

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • What is sexist language?
  • What are sexist stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours?
  • Where do these stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours come from, where can they lead and what are their effects?
  • What is consent?
  • How can you respond to and/or report these behaviours?
  • How do we create lasting change?

Narrative Alchemy

Narrative Alchemy is one of the leading Applied Theatre & Film production companies in the UK. Our primary focus is creating positive change through the art of storytelling.

Our team collaborates with various organisations, including schools, colleges, charities, government bodies, the NHS, and private companies, to develop and deliver impactful productions. We explore topics such as safeguarding, cultural health, wellbeing, and social issues.

Our portfolio of work includes projects on child sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation, domestic abuse & coercive control, radicalisation & extremism, hate crime, knife crime, sexism & sexist behaviours, emotional resilience, internet safety, and diversity. By raising awareness and initiating conversations around these issues, we hope to contribute towards a better world.

Available Sept ’23 to July ’24

Costs for academic year Sept 2023 to July 2024

  • £650+vat per show (AM or PM slots available)
  • Or you can book the whole day for £1200+vat and have up to 3 x performances in the day


To book or for further assistance, please call 0161 236 1448 to talk to our friendly team. Alternatively, fill in the enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you with availability in your area…