Breaking the Chain (knife crime/youth violence)

Raising Awareness around Knife Crime & Youth Violence

‘Breaking the Chain’ is a hard-hitting applied theatre production that aims to raise awareness, kick-start conversations and build resilience around youth violence – with a focus on knife crime – as part of a public health approach to tackling the issue – an issue that is seeing young people seriously hurt and, all too often, killed on the streets of our towns and cities.

Recently out of prison and trying to turn his life around, Tyler is worried about his younger brother Zeke and his friend Danny. Zeke and Danny have started carrying knives and Tyler is desperate to ensure that they don’t make the same mistakes that he’s made in the past. The play follows them over the course of one day as the tensions are mounting and Tyler must intervene to avoid a tragedy and try to talk them all into breaking the chain.

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County Lines (CCE/drug trafficking)

Raising Awareness around Child Criminal Exploitation

Narrative Alchemy were commissioned by Norfolk Constabulary to develop an Applied Theatre play to raise awareness around Child Criminal Exploitation – specifically the strand of the County Lines drug trafficking model that sees vulnerable adults and young people targeted by organised groups and gangs to groom, trick, trap and manipulate them into trafficking drugs and sometimes weapons.

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Crashing (CSE/boys & young men)

Raising Awareness around Child Sexual Exploitation—Boys & Young Men

‘Crashing‘ tells the story of Eddie. At 15 years old he lost his mum to cancer, lost his dad to depression and ended up going absent and missing from home on a regular basis. On one of these occasions, whilst out drinking with his mates at the park, Eddie was approached by Michael. Michael was kind, good fun and owned a shop with an empty flat above it. He offered Eddie the chance to stay there whenever things at home were a bit rough, but unfortunately Michael had another agenda.

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Chelsea’s Story (CSE/grooming)

Raising Awareness around Child Sexual Exploitation

‘Chelsea’s Story’ is our internationally renowned Applied Theatre Production that has proven highly successful in raising awareness around the issues surrounding Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). The play, which has now been seen by thousands of professionals and over 1 million young people throughout the UK, is followed by an actor facilitated post-show talk exploring the issues raised.

It tells the story of a group of students who discover the diary of a girl called Chelsea. Chelsea was a 15 year old girl who, having fallen out with her friends and family, met a guy called Gary. Gary was kind, understanding, had a nice car, had his own flat and listened to her. Unfortunately Gary was not what he seemed to be! Chelsea’s story is played out and examined by the students who, along with their teacher, attempt to understand what happened to Chelsea

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Applied Theatre Projects; PSHE/Safeguarding

Narrative Alchemy Theatre Co.

Creating positive change through the art of storytelling, Narrative Alchemy (formerly AlterEgo) is one of the leading Applied Theatre production companies in the UK.

  • For Year 7 to 13
  • Performances on key topics affecting young people’s lives: knife crime, sexism, grooming, CSE, drug trafficking & mental health
  • Shows that have an emotional impact which stays with the student way beyond that of a talk or DVD

“We had your brilliant performances in our school back in May 2019, I shall be knocking on the head’s door next week to ask for some money to get you back!”

Claire Ferguson, Curriculum Leader for PSHE, Stowmarket High School [6 Oct, 2023]
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Invictus (mental health)

Stories of Resilience, Overcoming Adversity & Mental Health

Narrative Alchemy’s ‘Invictus’ was first developed just before lockdown started and aimed, as an early intervention as part of a whole system approach, to use the power of simple storytelling techniques to create a safe, contained environment with aesthetic distance to:-

  • Raise awareness of the differing forms of childhood adversity
  • Inspire hope and resilience amongst young people that may be experiencing adversity in their lives
  • Sign-post where young people can go to for help and advice.

Soon after ‘Invictus’ piloted in early 2020 the world as we know it changed. For all of us Covid-19 brought concerns around danger, safety and the need to protect ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our friends. For some young people this period of enforced lockdown and social isolation had a massive impact by adding to pre-existing traumas and adversities. For others the global pandemic brought new experiences of change, grief, loss, trauma, toxic stress, anxiety and adversity.

For everyone there was a social disconnect. A requirement for physical distancing, a fracturing of the unwritten rules and conventions by which we run our lives and an atmosphere of fear and anxiety that has led to potentially damaging social and emotional isolation. We realised that the messages that were in the pilot of ‘Invictus’ are now more important and essential than ever.

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Unacceptable (sexism/sexual harassment)

Raising Awareness around Sexism & Sexist Behaviours

Unacceptable is a fantastic applied theatre project, developed by Narrative Alchemy (the team behind ‘Chelsea’s Story’, ‘County Lines’, and ‘Breaking the Chain’), aimed at raising awareness, kick-starting conversations and promoting cultural change around sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence are, unfortunately, an issue for every school in every community in the UK. In order to combat these issues, we need to understand and raise awareness of what they are, what creates them and what can be done to expose and respond to the harmful attitudes that perpetuate harassment and gender injustice.

Friends Oli and Kalyn confront their friend Adam, who has been saying and posting some worrying things lately. They have decided to stage an intervention and are going to explain to Adam what sexism is, the differing forms that it can take and the impact that comments and actions can have.

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Pack Up Your Troubles

This innovative production looking at bullying & emotional well-being issues follows the exciting adventures of Ben, a modern day child who travels back in time to 1942! One minute, he’s putting down his iPad to read his grandad’s old diaries in the dusty attic, the next he’s an evacuee carrying his gas mask and about to board an old fashioned steam train to escape the air raids (we have a train on set!).

Surprisingly, this incredible day immersed in the world of the past teaches Ben important lessons about how to deal with the worries and issues he faces in his present day life.

For children aged 4 to 11 years, this brilliant show, which is also very funny! is a wonderful insight into everyday life for children in past times, including the opportunity to see real clothing and artefacts from this period and for the whole school to join the sing-along to the classic Pack Up Your Troubles (in your old kit bag…).

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The Snow Queen

Image Musical Theatre’s Participation Musical for KS1 & KS2

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale centres on the struggle for good in the lives of Gerda and her friend, Kai.

Kai is taken by the Snow Queen who lives in a world of ice and snow, but faithful Gerda is determined to find him and restore her friend to the boy she knows and loves. A host of characters help her along her way, including a bandit, a prince, princess and a Sami woman.

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The Selfish Giant

A Participation Musical for KS1 & KS2

Oscar Wilde’s beautiful & moving tale is given the Image Musical Theatre treatment

Image Musical Theatre Co. logo

This wonderful production is one of a series of participation musicals created by Image Musical Theatre for Key Stage 1 and 2. The show itself is preceded by a rehearsal workshop where some of the children are chosen to take part in the show while the remainder of the audience are rehearsed into four chorus songs. Image Musical Theatre has an excellent reputation for producing work that is stimulating and entertaining while maintaining very high production values.

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The Wind in the Willows

A Participation Musical for KS1 & KS2 (inc. SEND)

Kenneth Grahame’s tales from The River Bank, The Open Road & The Wild Wood are all here in this vibrant musical production.

We follow the lives of the loyal friends Mole, Ratty and Badger in their attempts to help the exuberant Mr. Toad become a better creature. Only when Toad is threatened with the loss of Toad Hall does he realise the importance of their friendship.

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An Inspector Calls

GCSE Production for KS3 & KS4

Katch 22’s Adaptation of ‘An Inspector Calls’; A Play Written by English Dramatist J. B. Priestley

The upper middle-class Birling family is visited by a man calling himself Inspector Goole, who questions the family about the suicide of a young working-class woman in her mid-twenties.

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Calamity Climate Change

Brand New Show from Arty-Fact Theatre Company for KS1 & KS2 Touring Schools from Sept 2022

Eco-friendly fun play covering sustainability and climate change.

  • Serious topic, fun show
  • Specially devised for KS1 and KS2 children
  • Arts Council England funded

Set by the sea, with the beautiful backdrop of the old lighthouse, we meet magical characters & talking sea creatures!

Changes are happening to the cove, how will they affect the people and animals who live there?

Told within our usual fun & eventful storyline and very much involving the audience. We introduce topics such as the difference between weather & climate, what are greenhouse gases, the dangers of pollution & most importantly the simple everyday ways we can all help, what ever age, to protect our environment.

We include a free pre-show activities pack for classroom work and after-show Q & A session.

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