The Light Fantastic

Science Show from Kinetic Theatre for KS1 & KS2 to stream/download

A Country and Western musical on the science topic of LIGHT and the solar system.

Where has all the colour gone? The problem is literally black and white: something or someone is stealing the colours of the world! The sky is white, trees are black and the rivers a murky grey. Lost on the banks of the Ohio, Country & Western singer Roy Gee stumbles upon the Light Fantastic café – the last remaining place to have any colour.

In a desperate bid to save the precious colours, he and café owner, Dolly, set to work. Using trays for mirrors, ice-cubes for prisms and saucers for lenses, they gradually unfold a major inter-planetary crisis! Only our own solar system can shed light on the problem. But is the café all it seems? Will the country roads take him home and will Dolly stand by her man? Find out more when you trip The Light Fantastic.

A futuristic mystery from a cowboy’s point-of-view…

Treat your class to a super cool science lesson with a difference, from the highly acclaimed Kinetic Theatre for Science.

Sit back, relax and watch from the comfort of your classroom, (popcorn optional) as we beam onto your whiteboard the hilarious, music-filled theatre show “THE LIGHT FANTASTIC!”

With interactive songs, a gripping story-line and clever clues to keep looking out for, the children are hooked onto the topic of LIGHT and keen to solve the mystery of why all the colours on planet Earth have disappeared?!! On their journey of discovery your class will also encounter fun ways to learn how our eyes see colour, the importance of shadows and reflection, how a periscope works and they will whizz round our solar system too!

Fill your classroom with laughter with this alternative science lesson for just £150 + VAT, complete with bumper supporting teachers’ packs and over 20 classroom activities, from fun with shadows to how to make your own camera!

It’s science Jim, but not as we know it!


  • One hour video to watch in 1/2/3 lessons
  • PowerPoint presentation for the pupils explaining the science
  • 20+ classroom/home activities
  • Extensive teacher’s notes giving further in-depth science knowledge
  • Clear outcomes with assessment material to check child’s progress
  • Easy instructions for use on Zoom/Teams etc. for remote learners
  • Support


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