Robin Hood

Robin Hood

This wonderful production is one of a series of participation musicals created by Image Musical Theatre for theatres and primary schools.

The show itself is preceded by a rehearsal workshop for the whole audience, in which some children are chosen to take part in the show while the remaining audience are rehearsed into four chorus songs.

This will be another very enjoyable and stimulating experience of high quality musical theatre for both children and adults.

Robin Hood is on a mission, but the evil Sheriff of Nottingham is desperate to stop him, why? Join in and sing along as Robin and his band of swashbuckling merry men start robbing the rich to feed the poor. Along the way they must undertake quests and go on many adventures to stop the sheriff ’s dastardly plan, find out if they succeed in this magical tale that is the legend of Robin Hood.

This production is one of the company’s highly acclaimed participation musicals, in which some children take part in the action and the whole audience in the songs. Full of wonderful music and a strong dramatic through line, an exciting and heart-warming theatrical experience is guaranteed.

This is children’s theatre at its very best.


Please call 0161 236 1448 for more information or booking.

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