Stig of the Dump

Stig of the Dump

Clive King’s classic children’s novel, beautifully dramatised as an interactive musical for children aged 4-11 years, with a musical workshop for the whole school and 12 audience volunteers  taking part on stage in the real show.


Clive King’s wonderful story of Barney and his Neolithic friend Stig has been a firm favourite with children and adults since it was published in the sixties. Barney and Stig’s many adventures in and around the chalk pit near his grandfather’s house culminate in a fascinating journey back in time to the days when there were only Stigs and stone circles.

Said by the author to be the best adaptation he had seen of his novel, this wonderful production will be another moving and stimulating experience of high quality musical theatre for both children and adults.

During the light hearted half an hour rehearsal, some children are chosen and rehearsed into their parts while the rest of the audience are taught the chorus of four songs. During the interval, the actors costume the children and the show, lasting one hours, runs seamlessly, with everyone taking part as rehearsed.

Rehearsal/workshop 30 minutes. Interval. Performance 1 hour.


“One of the best performances we have every had in school. Enjoyed by the children and adults alike. We really like the fact that the children are involved as well. All children enjoyed singing the songs and were singing them on the way out on the playground. The children were just as fun to watch as their reactions were brilliant. All children were captivated including our S.E.N children.”
—Anne Fox, Priory Common School, Milton Keynes.

“Well pitched for all age groups (4-13 years old). Excellent production. Ambitious but very successful. Would recommend it to any school.”
—Paula Mines/Claire Robinson, Holme Grange School, West Berkshire.

“The show totally appealed to all ages, keeping the Nursery children as entertained and interested as the year 6 children! We enjoyed the characterisation, especially of Stig. The older children have expressed an interest in reading the book following the performance.”
—Richard Lloyd, Alexandra CP School.


Please call 0161 236 1448 for more information or booking.


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