Mummy Mia

Mummy Mia
Mummy Mia

An Abba inspired numeracy play set in the Egyptian desert, humourous with 1980′s pop songs! Specific versions inline with Keystage 1 curriculum (eg: odd & even numbers, weighing, measurements) or Keystage 2 curriculum (e.g: prime numbers, percentages, decimals).

When Diana Jones hears of her uncle’s imprisonment in a pyramid deep in the Egyptian desert, she’s hot on the trail to find him. But how will she find the pyramid and who will she trust—a mad mathematical magician or a couple of desert-dwelling strangers who appear to have the hump?

The audience must help solve mathematical problems, translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and physically lend a hand if Diana is to avoid the ‘mummy’s curse’ and free her uncle before the ‘sands of time’ run out.

  • Available at KS1 and KS2 levels
  • After show Q/A session with the actors
  • Teacher’s pack including suggestions for follow-up activities in class
  • Includes our new ‘Teacher Feature’ Spot-the-Prop competition!


“It was a great show which gave the children a lot of enjoyment and a chance to show off their mathematical knowledge in front of an Ofstead Inspector!”
—Sarah Lum, Brookfield Infant School, Kent


Please call 0161 236 1448 for more information or booking.


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