The Fillacavity Hotel

The Fillacavity Hotel
The Fillacavity Hotel

SCIENCE show.  Musical comedy on teeth, bones, muscles, movement and nutrition. Faulty Towers spoof set in a hotel!

What a day for Hester Fillacavity! Not only are the staff rebelling against her food-free menu, but a number of different guests arrive: Flossie Hargreaves (the failed actress) demands to undertake dental research for her part in a new play; archeologist Doug Bones unearths what he believes is The Missing Link and the strange man from Renta-Denture confuses everyone with his cockney accent!

Things get worse when chambermaid Peggy Gum discovers that someone is an imposter—but who, and why?

As events unfold, a false moustache, a ruby ring, a missing spider and the skeleton provide all the ingredients to make things go bump in the night!

Scientific content: Teeth and dental care. Bones, the skeleton and parts of the body. Food and nutrition.

The Fillacavity À La Carte Menu

is available at Key-Stages 1 or 2

  • FIRST COURSE: Teachers’ notes with a delicious dollop of ideas for follow up classroom activities and a liberal helping of questions and answers.
  • SECOND COURSE: Professional performance with a side-order of music and science complete with lighting, props and a costume garnish.
  • DESSERT: A moreishly sweet selection of Questions and Answers with the actors.


“The children enjoyed the show immensely… Such great value for money… Many thanks”.
—Nikki McLatchie, Science co-ordinator, East Wittering Primary School.

“A wonderfully engaging show, The keystage one version was pitched perfectly for our younger children who gained a lot of new knowledge. The Keystage two show provided a vibrant and engaging revision session for our year 6.”
—Miss K Siddle, Fens Primary School, Hartlepool


Please call 0161 236 1448 for more information or booking.


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