Danger at St Magnet’s

Danger at St Magnet's illustation
Danger at St Magnet’s

MAGNETISM and MATERIALS.  SCIENCE comedy to assist in the teaching of separating materials into natural & man-made at keystage 1 level and bimetallic strip and electromagnets for junior audiences. With fun and interactive demonstrations, music and song to make science FUN.

The year is 1946 and we find ourselves in the staffroom at St Magnet’s Primary School in the sleepy village of Upper Copperbottom. The distinguished headmaster has been asked to judge the village marrow competition when school cook, Mrs Dingleberry, notices the boiler is on the blink.

Could there be a fault with the bimetallic strip in the thermostat? Or are there any other materials involved?

Furthermore, why is there a magnet in the stockroom? Who has stolen the prized silver trophy and what is the music teacher Miss Baldock doing in the village church belfry?


“…superior script, staff loved the themes as well as the simplicity of the teaching points”.
—J Barrett (Deputy Head), St Margaret’s Lee C of E School, London


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