The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince
The Happy Prince

Oscar Wilde’s beautiful story for children supports the understanding of  friendship, communication, sharing, and learning right from wrong. The show features interactive songs, actions and audience participation, including 12 children taking part.

The Happy Prince is one of the most beautiful and moving tales ever written. It’s an everlasting story that connects to people of all cultures. The selflessness of the Prince and the Swallow stand in stark contrast to the indifference of the Mayor and his councillors. With the Prince stripped of his adornments and the weather too cold for the swallow their lives end but their spirit of generosity lives on forever.

Before the show there’s a light-hearted half hour rehearsal in which some children are chosen and rehearsed to play the towns people and other small parts, while the rest of the audience are taught the chorus songs. During the interval the actors and children are costumed and the show, lasting an hour, runs seamlessly with everyone taking part as rehearsed.

The show features beautiful costumes, an ingenious set and wonderful music by Robert Hyman.


“What a brilliant show! We loved the songs and the children participating. Scenery and scene changes were impressive and costumes and face masks were fresh and bright – all added sparkle to this famous tale.”
—Ann Walton, Burton-on-Wold Primary, Leicestershire.

“The performance today was brilliant and enjoyed by all the children from the youngest 4 year old to the oldest 11 year old. The costumes were colourful and the scenery imaginative.”
—Caroline Chadwick (Head teacher), Woodfield CP School, Harrogate.

“What a fantastic show! The children really engaged with the performance. It was a great idea to have the run-through of the songs beforehand and everyone enjoyed seeing some of our children in costume, taking part in the show.”
—Mrs. O’Connell, St Francis De Sales (Infants) Tottenham N17.


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