The Light Fantastic

The Light Fantastic
The Light Fantastic

SCIENCE show on LIGHT and Dark, Shadows,  Colour, Reflection and the SOLAR SYSTEM. Set as a  Country and Western style musical comedy.  Available at three levels KS1 or KS2 or for one form entry primary schools a Mixed Keystage production to suit all.

Where has all the colour gone?! The problem is literally black and white: something or someone is stealing the colours of the world! The sky is white, trees are black and the rivers a murky grey. Lost on the banks of the Ohio, Country & Western singer Roy Gee stumbles upon the Light Fantastic cafe – the last remaining place to have any colour. In a desperate bid to save the precious colours, he and cafe owner, Dolly, set to work. Using trays for mirrors, ice-cubes for prisms and saucers for lenses, they gradually unfold a major inter-planetary crisis! Only our own solar system can shed light on the problem. But is the cafe all it seems? Will the country roads take him home and will Dolly stand by her man? Find out more when you trip The Light Fantastic.

A futuristic mystery from a cowboy’s point-of-view…


“Fantastic show, amazing talent. Entertaining and funny, yet educational. Nice to see pupils involved and time for questions at the end. Excellent!”
—Mrs. Dawn Gilbert, Lanesend Primary School, Cowes, Isle of Wight

“It was great fun, pacey and informative. The Children loved it.”
—Mrs. Debbie Hickman Victoria Road South Primary School, Kent

“Thanks to the actors! We had a great experience — many children exceeded our expectations!”
—Ms. Pauline Mcgill, Watergate School, Lewisham.


Please call 0161 236 1448 for more information or booking.


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