What’s new for 2014

4 days into the first week back and we are all just about in the swing of things again and looking forwards to the lighter and warmer (hopefully!) spring term.
This year, as you probably know, is the anniversary of 100 years since the First World War began. To commemorate this and to present a great way of engaging today’s primary aged children with this important topic, Arty-Fact Theatre have devised a wonderful piece of theatre – The Time Capsule 1914. This tells the story of two modern days kids, who discover a hidden time capsule from 1914 and their adventures delving into its many mysteries and secrets: giving them an infomative and fascinating insight into life at that pivotal point in our history. We have made the show accessible from 4 years upwards to 11, with interaction, songs and the opportunity for each school to create a time capsule of their own.

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