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Covid 19: when it’s all over

To all schools, we hope you are all ok and coping in these unprecedented times. And our heartfelt thanks to you for looking after key-workers’ children in this crisis – you too are in our minds and it is our turn to applaud you! Our tours may temporarily be on hold for now but we will be here when life returns as our children may need the fun of theatre more than ever, after such strange and unsettling times. We too are working from home, and probably like many of you, we are trying to write/speak/video call whilst kids are arguing in the other room or forever needing food! But when all this is over we look forward to offering you once again our great selection of shows. A few highlights will be Calamity Climate Change – set in a lighthouse but on all things environmental, The Bunsen Towers Mystery a science whodunnit on materials, and the beautiful interactive sing-a-long musicals of The Reluctant Dragon and Pinocchio. We must organise one great big British street party when this is all over, until then keep well, best wishes x

Christmas shows 2019 – have you booked yours?

We have a whole host of fab Christmas shows for primary schools at very affordable prices (all below £400 and discounts available). From quality traditional pantos to wintery classics. All are suitable for the whole school audience and all are top quality!

Christmas image x2

Contact us using the form below to get the ball rolling, and we will let you know about availability of Christmas shows in your area…




Happy New Year 2018!


Wishing everyone a very happy new year. Welcome back to the spring term and hoping we are all getting back into the swing of things. Please get in touch (Tel, email, Twitter) as we have many wonderful in-school productions to brighten up the school days. We are starting the year with our great fun maths play Eureka! as well as the science show on earth, space and water. Again we have the classics the Wind in the Willows and good ‘ol Robin Hood. New for this year we have an excellent introduction to Shakespeare workshop, on Macbeth and ideal for years 5/6/7. Watch this space for lots of new titles coming up soon too!  Enjoy the year of the dog & very best wishes to everyone.


Christmas shows 2017 – have you booked yours?

We have a whole host of fab Christmas shows for primary schools at very affordable prices (all below £400 and discounts available). From quality traditional pantos – Jack & the Beanstalk,  to original festive fun – The Clockmaker’s Christmas, family favorites like The Selfish Giant to wintery classics – Oliver Twist. All are suitable for the whole school audience and all are top quality! Christmas image x2

What’s New for Autumn Term

Welcome back everyone,

We hope by this second week that we have all more or less got back into the swing of things! Oh my, it’s not easy getting up early again, especially as this is such a wet and windy September and those dark mornings are upon us!!

To cheer up your school days this autumn – how about bringing in one of our fabulous whole school productions ? We’ve lots on offer from a fun SCIENCE show on earth, space and water, our amazing and hilarious MATHS play Eureka! and our truly wonderful WEST END style musicals in which your pupils are the stars in the show! That’s THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS and THE SELFISH GIANT.

And dare I mention the C word…oh yes, I’ve seen the Christmas cards in the shops! arggh. We can’t avoid it and to celebrate we have our brilliant PANTOS of course – JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. We also have the classic OLIVER TWIST and following such excellent reviews last year THE CLOCK-MAKER’S CHRISTMAS will be taking on it’s next tour.

Wishing you all well for now, enjoy these next few weeks – before the clock’s go back!


Happy New Year 2017!

Welcome back to all our schools and followers and hoping you have all had a good Christmas break and are getting back into the swing of things.

What’s new for Spring 2017… we have some great productions to cheers us all up from the January blues! The Jungle Book and Robin Hood will certainly bring a smile to all.

For the up-coming WORLD BOOK WEEK we have a brilliant literacy play The Reading Room and our excellent Shakespeare workshops. Also as NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK approaches Kinetic Theatre for Science bring to primary & special schools their interactive, musical comedies on all national curriculum science topics.

Lastly, as the dark nights fade and Spring emerges with the up-popping crocuses,  so too does our amazing show on plant growth, 7 conditions for living things, animals and the environment – perfect to welcome in the much awaited Spring.

Christmas Shows 2016


Last few dates on all our Christmas productions are now discounted!

A Christmas Carol, The Jolly Grimm Christmas Tales, The Clockmaker’s Christmas.

Quality, festive,  interactive theatre productions for 4 to 11 year olds.

Extra special discounts for schools in South Wales, Northern Ireland and Dublin.