Covid 19: when it’s all over

To all schools, we hope you are all ok and coping in these unprecedented times. And our heartfelt thanks to you for looking after key-workers’ children in this crisis – you too are in our minds and it is our turn to applaud you! Our tours may temporarily be on hold for now but we will be here when life returns as our children may need the fun of theatre more than ever, after such strange and unsettling times. We too are working from home, and probably like many of you, we are trying to write/speak/video call whilst kids are arguing in the other room or forever needing food! But when all this is over we look forward to offering you once again our great selection of shows. A few highlights will be Calamity Climate Change – set in a lighthouse but on all things environmental, The Bunsen Towers Mystery a science whodunnit on materials, and the beautiful interactive sing-a-long musicals of The Reluctant Dragon and Pinocchio. We must organise one great big British street party when this is all over, until then keep well, best wishes x

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