The Time Capsule 1918

Brand new for 2018. Suitable for Primary schools Arty-Fact Theatre Company proudly presents this captivating performance celebrating the centenary of the end of WW1. A time capsule which was buried during the First World War has been retrieved from an old school. When opened, the sealed container is found to contain, precious memories and unsolvedContinue reading “The Time Capsule 1918”

£100 Off Oliver Twist!

A captivating performance of Charles Dickens Classic. Follow the orphan Oliver Twist’s eventful journey through the murky streets of Old London Town; meet the unscrupulous Mr. Bumble and the comical Fagin. Adapted for a KS1 & KS2 audience, this interactive production focuses equally on history and literacy. All of our workshops are accompanied by aContinue reading “£100 Off Oliver Twist!”